Certifying that 
 50+%  of the
people on the board of directors or trustees are women

The SHEgoverns mark is designed to recognize and highlight companies that include women at the highest levels of decisionmaking.

While women's representation in Board rooms has increased in recent years, we are still far from an economy where people of all gender identities see themselves represented on Boards the way they are represented in the real world. Having gender-equitable Boards positively impacts organizations from the top, down - bringing greater financial returns, better environmental, social, and governance performance, and better performance overall.

Boards of Directors and Trustees at public companies, privately-held entities, and not-for-profit organizations hold very specific duties to the organization's big-picture financial well-being and management of resources, make impactful decisions regarding senior leadership, and must ensure that the entity operates in furtherance of its mission.

Getting Certified SHEgoverns allows entities with gender-equitable Boards to proudly showcase to their shareholders, stakeholders, and supporters that women's perspectives are represented at the highest levels of decision-making.  

That's why we created the SHEgoverns mark.

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Does this sound like your Board room?

Did you know?

The benefits of diversity on corporate boards include: "increased innovation, greater financial returns and improved ESG performance"

2021 Study of Gender Diversity on Private Co. Boards, Him for Her

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SHEgoverns Certification Quick Facts

  • Entities that aren't "owned," such as not-for-profits and NGOs, can qualify for SHEgoverns

  • The term of certification for this mark is 1 year (as opposed to the 2-year term of our other marks)

  • Only voting members are reviewed for certification (Advisory Board members and Board observers are not considered)

SHEgoverns™ entities can be:




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*All references to women in regards to our certification suite includes gender diverse individuals as well.