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Introducing...The SHE Glossary™

Updated: Jun 8

Our SHE Glossary™ is a collection of words, topics and phrases that aim to educate on topics surrounding our mission of making gender equality an everyone issue.

One of our main goals at The SHE Mark™, alongside certifying companies, is to educate our followers, readers, and businesses about gender equality in the workplace and across the world, conscious capitalism, and future of work policies. One of the ways we plan on educating is through The SHE Glossary™ - an ongoing series that will introduce and define key words, topics, and phrases that relate, in one way or another, to the topics mentioned above. Each term will be formally defined and will include an addendum to help further clarify or provide perspective. We will also provide examples of how to use the term in a sentence.

Our SHE Glossary™ Term No. 1 is...

Gender Equality /gen•der e•qual•i•ty/ noun the state of having access to the same rights, resources, and opportunities as others, regardless of one's gender identity

We thought it best to start with the most basic term in our world to lay the foundation for this series and for our work. Gender equality is at the core of what we do, literally. According to our objective standards, a company is considered to be practicing gender equality if they hire, promote, and/or are owned by at least 50% women and/or gender diverse people. The key element there is the 50%. When a company meets that standard, they are affording women equal opportunity, an equal voice, equal representation, and equal power.

The same rules that apply in companies (and at The SHE Mark) also apply to women in a larger context - including in politics, in the household, within industries, & more!

Gender Equality does not imply that everyone is the same, but that every person has equal value and should be accorded equal treatment.

The effects of gender equality are countless and all positive; and it is only through practicing gender equality that we allow ourselves the opportunity to realize change that is inclusive and considerate of all genders.

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