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SHEro Series: Bethany Meyers

Bethany Meyers (1987- ) is a gender non-binary wellness and lifestyle entrepreneur best known for founding The Become Project (@thebecomeproject), an approachable and inclusive online exercise platform and community. Meyers (they/them) is also an activist and advocate working to spread the message of body-neutrality that has helped them manage the eating disorder from which they are in recovery.

Bethany has contributed to articles on relationship health, personal wellness, and more for publications such as @glamourmag, @mindbodygreen, @shape, and @the.baremag. Their social media profiles regularly feature brands that meet their values of sustainability and intersectional feminism, helping to spread the ethos of leading a life of integrity, inclusivity, and equality.

Bethany is one of our #SHEroes because the conscious capitalist, self-care business they have built and the intersectional values they espouse are nothing short of impressive and inspirational. They are a great role model for all, but especially the gender-diverse community.

Our SHEro: Bethany Meyers - a gender non-binary activist and entrepreneur. Known for founding The Become Project, an online exercise platform that is inclusive, accessible, and body-neutral.

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