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SHEro Series: Marc Benioff

Updated: Jun 15

#SHEroes: Marc Benioff (1964- ) is the founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, and owner of Time. In 2013, recognizing women's lower representation in his company's ranks, Benioff introduced Women's Surge, a program designed to ensure more gender equality at Salesforce, including in every meeting. In April 2015, Benioff announced that Salesforce would be auditing all salaries to ensure men and women were being paid equally for comparable work. The following year, Benioff was named one of Fortune's 50 World's Greatest Leaders for his commitment to equality as CEO of Salesforce. On creating a gender equal future, Benioff says "women can't do this alone."

Our SHEro Marc Benioff - the CEO of Salesforce and owner of Time. He fixed the gender pay gap at his company after a company-wide audit.

Marc Benioff is one of our #SHEroes because he saw unequal representation at his company and used his position of privilege to push the company towards greater equality.

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