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Why "SHE"?

Updated: Jun 8

Many ask why we chose to use SHE in the name and the answer is two-fold.

First, it was important that the name (and certification mark design) be straightforward, bold, and memorable. The ability to successfully get information across quickly and effectively was a major factor. Second, it was imperative that the name reflect our belief that getting to gender equality requires gender equity: raising up currently underrepresented peoples. In regards to economic gender equality, that means bringing up women and gender-diverse people.

The fact of the matter is, in order to create a truly intersectional, feminist society, a world where everyone can reap the benefits of gender equality, we have to raise women up. We don’t have to start by raising women up, because others don’t have to wait. We don’t have to only raise women up but, in order to accomplish economic gender equality for all, we must raise women up. The need is REAL, but to be clear: our movement welcomes all - men, genderqueer people, and people who don’t exist within the gender binary (hey there, two-spirit folks – how are you doing?)!

We see this need across many sectors of modern society (and you can get a pretty good look at that in the Global Gender Gap Report, a yearly publication by the World Economic Forum), and it’s definitely clear in the economy. We chose the name SHE as the prefix for our collection of feminist certification marks because we know that creating the gender-equal economy we imagine requires moving more of our focus, energy, and money towards companies that hire and promote women, that are run by women. When you see a SHE Mark in public, know that you’re not only seeing a company that hires and promotes women – you’re working to create a gender-equal economy in support of all genders and the people that wear them.

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