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aka SHE - is a benefit corporation that is certifying companies that practice gender equality at different levels of the workplace - management (SHEruns), creative (SHEmakes), and ownership (SHEowns). SHE is committed to creating a future where gender equality in business is common practice so that we can reach our full economic and societal potential, globally. To accomplish this, we want companies to feature the appropriate SHE Mark(s) on packaging, store-fronts, websites, advertisements, and more to indicate their values to consumers at point of purchase. 

SHE is on a mission to make gender equality an everyone issue, one SHE Certified company at a time.

Women make a difference at all levels of a company’s workforce - that’s why

the SHE Marks   are inclusive.


SHE Certified     companies may be male-owned, small and local, or publicly traded; while some may be majority owned by women, our array of marks recognizes the many ways in which women and gender diverse individuals can impact a company.


When women and men of all backgrounds work together, we create a better present and future.

If women were to be employed identically to men by the year 2025, our global GDP would increase by  $28 trillion .

McKinsey Global Institute, The Power of Parity (2016).

SHE's core values are a commitment to


SHE is dedicated to building and maintaining trust and validity in our standards for the SHE Marks.


SHE is determined to support, include, and appreciate all women and gender diverse individuals at different levels of the workforce, because every effort matters.


SHE is devoted to seeing and honoring the individual human being in everyone, through connection, recognition, and representation.


SHE is driven to have a positive and lasting impact on both the planet and the economy, because our collective future depends on it.

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