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Benefits of Certification

Upon certification, you get access to the SHE mark(s) you have been certified for. We encourage all of our SHE Certified companies to use the marks across product packaging, social media, websites, email signatures, and more. For some IRL examples, check out How to Use Your SHE Mark(s).

Use of the SHE Marks

We are committed to providing our community with the benefits that best suit their business needs. Getting SHE Certified gives businesses access to many benefits, which we are actively growing every day. If you have any ideas on how getting SHE Certified could best help your business and its growth, please reach out and email


SHE Certified Community

The SHE Certified Community is a proud group of women-led business around the world. Getting SHE Certified gives you access to the community to network and collaborate.

Community Backend

The community backend is a resource hub for SHE Certified companies to:

  • gain easy access to certification materials and benefits,

  • sign up for events,

  • participate in marketing opportunities,

  • read updates and announcements,

  • use the directory to discover and connect with other SHE Certified companies.

SHE Mark Material Store

We have made a selection of SHE Mark materials that are available for sale to the SHE Certified Community to make it easy to incorporate the mark into your business. We currently offer window decals, tabletop signs, table tents, and product stickers; and will also work on custom materials to best fit your needs!


The SHE Mark has partnerships with several companies like Builtfirst, RangeMe, and KeHE  to offer our SHE Certified Community benefits and opportunities that help you run your business.

If you're interested in partnering with The SHE Mark or have a partnership in mind that would benefit the SHE Certified Community, please email

If you are interested in applying,

request a digital or paper application here:

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