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SHEowns official certification mark logo for woman-owned and gender equal companies and brands


Certifying that 
 50+%  of the people who own or co-own a company are women


The SHEowns mark is designed to recognize and highlight companies that are equally or majority owned by women.

Even though ~49% of all businesses in the United States are either majority owned  or equally co-owned by women, those businesses only see ~4% of revenues and hire ~8% of employees. The good news is that by supporting those ~49% of businesses, we can increase those percentages and, it is estimated, increase the global GDP  by approximately $12 trillion a year.

People are looking to contribute to that growth by supporting woman-owned businesses. Having that information at point of sale or wherever consumers interact with your brand is more important than ever. Getting Certified SHEowns allows companies to speak to belief-driven buyers in an easily recognizable and verified form - making it easy for people to identify and support businesses owned by women, and ultimately impact the global economy.

That is why we created the SHEowns mark

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Did you know?

The SHE Mark is intentionally inclusive of gender equally co-owned businesses because we believe that men are our partners in the movement towards global economic gender equality.

Does this sound like your workplace?

Send your team this webpage.

Request an application for certification.

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SHEowns Certification Quick Facts

  • Gender equally-owned companies can qualify and apply.

  • Entities that own equity in a company are only considered if the ownership percentage impacts qualification.

A SHEowns™ company may be owned by

 one woman. 

 a group of women. 

 a trans woman and her brother. 

 a woman, her husband, and their child. 

"It is about time that we women owned businesses get a moment to showcase what we can do."

- Oak Bay Luxury, Certified SHEowns™ and SHEruns™

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*All references to women in regards to our certification suite includes gender diverse individuals as well.

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