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Application Pricing

Size of Company

Application Fee

1-9 Employees

10-49 Employees

50-149 Employees

150-499 Employees





SHEruns, SHEmakes, SHEowns

Application Fee is for a 2 year certification term*

SHEruns certification mark
SHEmakes certification mark
SHEowns certification mark

500+ Employees (Enterprise)

*In some cases, businesses may be conditionally certified for 1 year. For  more info, read our FAQs.

SHEgoverns certification mark


Application Fee is for a 1 year certification term

Type of Entity

Application Fee

Not for Profit


For Profit (Private)


For Profit (Public)


Learn more about the certification application process:

If you are interested in applying,

request a digital or paper application here:

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