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SHEgoverns Awards:
2023 Women on Boards Report

For the launch of our new SHE Mark, SHEgoverns™, we compiled a report that reviews the gender representation on voting leadership on boards across the S&P Global 1200.  Our analysis of the current gender equity of the 1200 companies on the S&P Global 1200 looks at whether a company’s board of directors or supervisory board has at least 50% women and/or gender diverse people in voting positions. The SHE Mark’s framework for qualification under this report matches that of our newly-announced certification mark, SHEgoverns™, which indicates 50+% representation of women and/or gender diverse people with voting positions on the board.

Front page of SHEgoverns report

A look at the S&P 1200 Global and the companies that have gender equity on their boards, qualifying them for the SHEgoverns mark.

Those businesses on the S&P Global that meet the above standards are being awarded a SHEgoverns certification to honor their achievements in reaching gender equality on their board of directors and living the gender equal future we imagine.

In addition to highlighting the SHEgoverns Awardees, the report also looks at women in titled roles, employee representation on boards, GICS sector breakdown, average board size and breakdown, intersectional insights, and more.

The SHE Mark is proud to release this research publicly, and to use this report to highlight and call attention to the SHEgoverns Awards Awardees - to celebrate their accomplishment of gender equitable board representation - and to call-in all other firms listed on the S&P Global 1200 and other indices worldwide.

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