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SHEmakes official certification mark logo for creatively driven gender equal companies


Certifying that 
 50+%  of the
people in creative, innovative, STEM 
positions are women

The SHEmakes mark is designed to recognize and highlight companies that include women wherever creation and innovation happens.

Nowadays, consumers are looking to feel seen and considered in the creation and innovation of a product or service and they want to know that a company is not just marketing to them, but also that their needs and perspective are being considered behind the scenes. We are past the era of stereotyping and into the era of inclusion.

In many cases the creative and innovative parts of a company are obvious, such as the branding or product design and creation, but in others, such as UI/UX or engineering, it's less-so. 

Getting Certified SHEmakes allows companies in STEM, creative, food industries, and more to easily verify and communicate the fact there is a gender diverse team behind the creation and innovation of their product or service, allowing for a more authentic consumer and user connection to a brand.​

That's why we created the SHEmakes mark.

Does this sound like your workplace?

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SHEmakes Certification Quick Facts

  • Majority male-owned companies can qualify and apply.


  • A "creative" role is inclusive of STEM roles and any other job that requires innovation.

  • Turnover rate is considered to ensure ongoing compliance with our standards throughout the 2-year certification term.

  • This mark looks at a company's entire workforce.

A “creative” role may be one in:


 graphic design 


 recipe development 

 event production 

 and many more! 

"Our products have been designed with inclusivity in mind - that's why it was important to me to get Certified SHEmakes, to tell my customers that they are considered in our designs."

- Cantiq, Certified SHEmakes™, SHEruns™, SHEowns™

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*All references to women in regards to our certification suite includes gender diverse individuals as well.

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