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Certifying that 

 50+%  of the

people in creative 
positions are women

Innovation is driven by creative people throughout a company - roles that require exercising creative muscles help a company and its employees reach their greatest potential. SHE recognizes the visionaries that steer the wheel with their originality and inventiveness, and SHEmakes companies include women and gender diverse people in their ranks across all creative roles, not just those in positions of authority. 

Qualifying creative roles can be positions focusing on innovation or creation. 

This certification is not as much about “art” as it is about generating or developing original products or works, although art certainly qualifies as "creative!" To ensure inclusion of all  employees whose work is innovative, companies that apply are given the opportunity to explain which roles they consider  "creative."  When you see SHEmakes out in the world, you can trust that SHE has independently verified that these roles meet our strict standards.

illustration of a film strip with men and women in the frames

Women accounted for just 26% of all producers, 21% of all executive producers, 21% of all editors, 16% of all writers, 8% of all directors, and 4% of all cinematographers who worked on the top-grossing 250 domestic films of 2017.


Women and Hollywood, 2018 Statistics (2018).

A “creative” role may be one in:


 graphic design 

 recipe development 

 event production 

 and many more! 

There’s more than one way to support the movement towards economic gender equality.

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