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Make your mark with a SHE Mark.

That means everyone will know that your business is owned, run, and/or creatively led by women.

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The current SHE Marks represent:


gender equality in 



gender equality in 



gender equality in 



gender equality on 



What the SHE Mark(s) can do for your business:

  • Help you stand out

  • Verify business practices

  • Gain consumer loyalty

  • Attract talent

  • Communicate to customers

  • Increase transparency while maintaining confidentiality

(Here are some examples!)

What kinds of businesses can apply for a SHE Mark?

 Home Goods 

 Food & Bev 

 Wine & Spirits 



 Fitness & Wellness 

 Professional Services 


 & many more! 

Plus, male-owned businesses, IPOs, and non-profits are eligible, too!

  • The application fee for SHE certification is dependent on the size of your company.


  • If certified, companies can use the mark(s) for 1 (SHEgoverns) or 2 years (SHEruns, SHEmakes, SHEowns) before needing to re-apply.

  • Male-owned companies can apply to be Certified SHEruns, SHEmakes, and SHEgoverns.

  • The application is approachable, asking only for the information related directly to your qualification and taking  ~20 minutes to complete!

SHE Certification Quick Facts:

Learn about the SHE Marks!

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Get to know our SHE Certified Community

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