The SHE Marks

The SHE Marks provide woman owned and woman run and operated businesses a means to verify and showcase their gender equality, and distinguish themselves from their competition. The current SHE Marks represent:

gender equity in 


gender equity in 


gender equity in 


#MakeWaves in your industry!

The SHE Mark gives both products- and services-focused businesses in:

 Home Goods 

 Wine & Spirits 

 Professional Services 




 Food & Bev 

 Fitness & Wellness 

 & many more! 

an opportunity to showcase feminism and stand out.

 consumers can be sure that the SHE Mark they see is up-to-date information!  

businesses can incorporate it into their marketing, digital assets, and product packaging!

SHE Certification grants a license for up to 2 years at a time, so that

Be the change!

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