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Ways to use your SHE Mark(s)

There are many ways to use your SHE Mark(s)!

We've laid out some examples below to inspire you.

If you're already certified, you can refer to our Branding Guidelines to get clear on how to best incorporate into packaging, social media, promotions, hangtags, etc.


Have a new way to showcase your marks? Send us an email at and we'll feature it on our website and socials!

This is the simplest way to showcase your mark(s)! We suggest including on the footer of your website. Your "About" page is also a good place, especially if you'd like to go into more detail about your certification.

Don't forget to hyperlink the mark image so that customers can easily learn about the certification!

If you have a store, brick and mortar location, food establishment, bar, office, etc., you can use our window decals to confidently let passerby and patrons know that your business is women-led.

This option is great for putting on your desk, at a POS, on a shelf, at a vendor booth - the options are endless!

The perfect size, these tabletop acrylic signs stand out while blending into the surroundings perfectly.

Packaging is where you are most likely to interact with other certification marks - such as Cruelty-Free, Certified B Corp, Certified Organic, Certified Fairtrade -  which makes it a great space to add your SHE Mark(s).

We've taken into consideration  that changing and updating packaging can take some time, so we made our certification term 2 years and we  offer product stickers for immediate and temporary use of the marks on your current packaging.


Another option for showcasing your SHE Mark(s) is to put it in your social media profiles. While you can't use the marks themselves in this capacity (with the exception of posting, of course), you can use the word mark version.

More ways to share!

Beyond those listed above, some other ways to showcase your SHE Mark(s) include:

We encourage you to get creative with how you use your mark and share them with us by emailing us at or tagging us on socials @theSHEmark.

  • Advertisements

  • Marketing materials

  • Hangtags

  • Signage

Are you not yet certified but want to be?

Request an application here:

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