Application Materials

to apply for a SHE Mark

We’ve gone out of our way to make sure that applying for a SHE Mark is as easy and simple as possible.

The application takes as little as 15 minutes. We recommend preparing your application materials in advance. For more detailed application material information, check out our FAQs or read the full SHE Program.

Applying for a SHE Mark is easy!

Required Information

Basic information, including

Company name and information

Individual's name and contact information

Submark evidence*

SHEruns - an organization chart or spreadsheet highlighting relevant employees and management positions

SHEmakes - an organization chart or spreadsheet highlighting relevant employees and creative roles

SHEowns - proof of ownership documentation

Optional Information

Application for a SHE Mark will also inquire about:

Any other certification marks a business might have

Why the company is interested in becoming SHE Certified

Any intersecting identities of the owners and employees at the company


We use this information to learn more about the company, and to help SHE track your growth with your SHE Mark!

* All SHE Mark applications ask for de-identified information (aka no names!) to maintain confidentiality and employee privacy!

If you are interested in applying, request a digital or paper application, here:

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Repeating SHE Marks: SHEruns, SHEmakes, SHEowns