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SHEruns certification mark logo for woman-led companies and brands


Certifying that  50+%  of the people in management and leadership positions are women


The SHEruns mark is designed to recognize and highlight companies that have women in charge. 

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Owning a company is impressive and impactful, but let's face it - most people engage with the workplace as employees.

And while the vast majority of companies fall victim to the "Broken Rung" phenomenon, there are many companies that are currently living the gender-equitable future we wish to see and are doing their part to hire and promote with gender equality in mind.

Those companies that do have gender equality in leadership and management roles deserve to be recognized and supported because they are breaking what has been the greatest systemic barrier to economic gender equality: including women in decision-making.

That's why we created the SHEruns mark.

Does this sound like your workplace?

Did you know?

Research has shown, that having greater gender diversity in positions of power increases a company's  attractiveness to talent!

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SHEruns Certification Quick Facts

  • Majority male-owned companies can qualify and apply.


  • What counts as a "management and leadership position" is determined by the size of the company.

  • Turnover rate is considered to ensure ongoing compliance with our standards throughout the 2-year certification term

SHEruns™ companies don’t just hire women,

 they promote them. 

 they empower them. 

 they value them. 

"We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our commitment to women in leadership."

- Next Day Animations, Certified SHEruns™

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*All references to women in regards to our certification suite includes gender diverse individuals as well.

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