The SHE Mark

Making women-led businesses
easier to identify and support.

We exist to uplift and inspire businesses and individuals who believe gender equality in the workplace is better for everyone. Are you with us?

The SHE Marks are the most inclusive set of gender equality certification marks in the world, indicating that a business is:

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What makes our marks inclusive?

50+% run by women*

50+% creatively driven by women*

50+% owned by women*

*women & gender diverse individuals are included

More than ever before, consumers care about where they spend their money, and how their spending habits impact the world around them.

Certify your company today to attract new customers, build brand loyalty, and show your employees that they matter! 

  • We start our count at true equality: 50%, giving co-owned companies an opportunity to be certified

  • We look at the workforce, as well as ownership

  • We are inclusive of gender diverse individuals

  • We made our application affordable and easy to complete

  • Male-owned companies can be certified

  • We certify creative roles

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Find out how to join our movement to reach economic gender equality!

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