Identifying and supporting women-owned and led businesses should be easy!

Introducing the SHE Marks,


the most inclusive and consumer-friendly business certifications verifying gender equality at companies that are:

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50+% run by women*

50+% creatively driven by women*

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50+% owned by women*

*women & gender diverse individuals are included

More than ever before, consumers care about where they spend their money, and how their spending habits impact the world around them.


Certify your company’s feminism today to attract new customers, build brand loyalty, and show your employees that they matter! 

What the SHE Mark(s) can do for:

Your Business

gain consumer loyalty

stand out

communicate to customers

attract talent

increase transparency while maintaining confidentiality

verify business practices

join the movement to reach gender parity in the workplace


stay informed

more easily make verified, values based purchases

learn more about the brands you are supporting

use as a tool when deciding where to spend money

join the movement to reach economic gender parity

Find out how to join our movement to reach economic gender equality  here!


Be the change!

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