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Get to know...Besa mi Vino

Welcome to the next installment of our Get to know... series - where we invite you to learn more about the amazing companies that make up our SHE Certified Community™. This feature highlights Besa Mi Vino - a Certified SHEruns™ premium canned wine brand that offers certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, certified sustainably-made, 0 added sugar, low-sulfite wines. We had Jessie, their Chief of Staff, answer some questions and tell us more about the journey of Besa Mi Vino in the interview below!

Introduce your company!

Hello, I am Jessie operations and Chief of Staff at Besa Mi Vino. The CEO/ cofounder is Tori Brodsky.

We sell wine and a drinking game (our complicated merch).

Besa Mi Vino is a customer-centric wine company whose name translates to "Kiss My Wine" because the wine is so clean, you could kiss it.

What is your mission as a company?

Problem: Young consumers are not being marketed to properly and are a growing untapped market segment for wine- the wine industry is thirsty for innovation.

Solution/mission: AN INNOVATIVE WINE COMPANY THAT IS FOR THE MODERN CONSUMER. Besa Mi Vino makes canned wine accessible, sustainable, convenient and cool to younger generations without sacrificing quality.

Show off a product your proud of.

Just launched our NEW drinking game "Spin the Besa" on Amazon and TikTok shop.

Also have some new products launching very soon... hint seltzers.

Introduce us to your team.

Group of women posing together and smiling
Team Besa

CEO and Co-Founder : Tori Brodsky

UC Berkeley Nutrition Science, UCLA Anderson MBA, 8 years startup consulting, Founder of DrinkLyte Co

Chief of Staff : Jessie Goodall

UCLA ‘23, led event growth to 2000+, boosted IG engagement by 68.2%, intern & community management LinkedIn

Social Media : Ella Harrington

UCLA current student, 50k+ TikTok / IG followers as travel influencer

Which SHE mark(s) have you been certified for?

We have been Certified SHEruns™!

Link to SHEruns page

Why are you proud to be a women-led company?

Being female fronted and funded is awesome but still we are a minority especially when it comes to funding. Having a small but mighty team is everything. And we have found the women that work full-time, part time, as interns or even volunteer all share this collective passion about Besa as a brand.

What benefits have you experienced being a women led business?

Having a strong and supportive community around us is awesome especially our community at SHE Mark.

In what ways other than gender equity do you think your company is making the world a better place?





How has being a Gen Z impacted your approach to running the business?

Being a Gen Z leader at the forefront of operations and managing a team predominantly composed of Gen Z individuals has significantly influenced the way I approach day to day decisions with the CEO. This unique dynamic has shaped our strategies in various aspects of the business, including branding, event planning, social media presence, and brand voice.

In terms of branding, Gen Z is known for prioritizing authenticity, inclusivity, and sustainability. This insight has guided our branding efforts, ensuring that our messaging aligns with these values, creating a stronger connection with our audience (our brand strives to make wine inclusive and is also sustainably made). 

Events have been transformative for Besa. Gen Z thrives on experiences and engagement, so scaling our events to cater to this preference has been a priority. We focus on IRL experiences that resonate with the tech-savvy and socially conscious nature of Gen Z. Events have allowed us to create a really strong community amongst Gen Z’s who are regularly at our events particularly UCLA students. 

In the realm of social media, being a Gen Z leader has provided an innate understanding of the platforms and trends that resonate with our audience. Our brand media voice has a cheeky tone, reflecting the real personalities within our team. This approach has proven effective in engaging Gen Z, who values relatability and behind the scenes content.

Being a Gen Z leader managing a team of Gen Z individuals has brought a unique and invaluable perspective to the way we run things at Besa. It has allowed us to stay ahead of trends, connect authentically with our audience, and create experiences that genuinely resonate with the values of Gen Z. 

How is the Gen Z mindset and skillset different from previous generations?

Gen Z skillset and mindset is very different:

  • Desire for Feedback and Growth: I notice with the interns they always want to be better- seeking constant feedback and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Range of skill sets: Happy to take on tasks in front and behind the camera. Confident with editing, filming and scripting! Gen z's are not afraid to be at the forefront of the brand voice

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: very forward thinking and coming up with innovative solutions i.e a million ideas for low budget marketing campaigns, building attendance at events.

Where can everyone find, support, and connect with Besa Mi Vino?

Instagram: @DrinkBesa

TikTok: @DrinkBesa

Jessie Goodall: | 310-985-1363 | LinkedIn


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