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Get to know...CarMar Pet Care

Welcome to the next installment of our Get to know... series - where we invite you to learn more about the amazing companies that make up our SHE Certified Community™. This feature highlights our first SHE Certified Company in the pets industry - CarMar Pet Care - a pet sitting service located in South Florida. We had the owner, Carly, answer some questions that give us insight into what it's like starting and owning a business that you love. Check it out below!

CarMar Pet Care Logo

Carly Marchigiano with 2 dogs in a park

Introduce your company!

My name is Carly Marchigiano and my company is called CarMar Pet Care. We offer professional dogwalking services in the Fort Lauderdale area. We also offer pet sitting and drop in visits for exotic pets and cats! I started this company in February 2021 after 5 years of working in restaurants. I have always had an affinity for animals and am building a life and business centered around them. We mainly focus on dogwalking which has a large impact on the overall wellness of dogs. Dogs are much happier when they are exercised. Exercised dogs have more harmonious relationships with their owners. They can adjust to the home setting more easily once their needs have been met. A lot of people do not have the time or the physical ability to provide their dog with the proper exercise. This is why our services are so important and essential.

What is your mission as a company?

Our mission is to provide exceptional services that improve the lives of domestic animals and their families. Domestic and exotic animals are very common in South Florida homes, but they come with care and time requirements that are incompatible with the busy lives and careers of many people. CarMar’s Pet Caretakers help bridge this gap, making it possible for both pets and owners to have fulfilling lives.

"I always dreamed of working with animals and now I am building a business that helps improve the lives of domestic animals and pet owners in South Florida." - Carly, Owner

Introduce yourself and your team!

Carly Marchigiano with dog on leash

My team consists of myself and Joe Treffiletti. I am currently in my junior year of college at FIU. I am majoring in Finance. I love to snowboard, garden in dirt and hydroponics, look after my fish, gecko, and rabbits, and spend time in nature. Joe is a local dogwalker, fisherman, and poker player. Joe has many pets with his wife, Aimee, including 5 cats and a rabbit. Joe owned his own dogwalking business in Georgia called Live, Bark, Walk for 8 years. His business is now in the hands of his former business partner. Joe moved to South Florida recently and I found him on Nextdoor over a year ago. I was looking for someone to watch my rabbits and take care of my clients when I travel. Joe still watches my rabbits whenever I go away, and my clients love him! We hope to grow our team soon but are waiting for the right person to come along.

Show off some work or products you're excited about.

I am excited about our entire staff being certified in Pet First Aid by Red Cross, and I’m excited that we all have insulated dog water bottle slings for the summer! Dogs love stopping in shady spots for water breaks and it really helps improve our relationships with our canine clients. I am excited about the software we have been using. It is called Time to Pet and sends our clients email updates when services are completed. The updates include time-stamped GPS reports of each walk and visit. Our clients love the transparency of Time to Pet reports and it provides an online scheduling platform that our team can access anytime.

Which SHE marks have you been certified for?

I have been certified for SHEowns. I own 100% of CarMar Pet Care and I have a very small team. I hope to eventually apply for other SHE marks as CarMar expands.

Why are you proud to be a Certified SHEowns™ company?

I am proud to be a woman owned company because I believe it shows other women how capable they are when they believe in themselves. I always dreamed of working with animals and now I am building a business that helps improve the lives of domestic animals and pet owners in South Florida.

External photo of Oak Bay Luxury Getaway

"I am proud to be a woman-owned company because I believe it shows other women how capable they are when they believe in themselves." -Carly, Owner

Anything else you would like to share?

We use a software called Time to Pet to send our clients detailed updates, time stamped reports, and GPS maps of our completed walks.

Woman with a dog shaking hands

Where can everyone find and connect with CarMar Pet Care?

Instagram: @CarMarPetCare

Contact: Carly, Owner - 904-923-1417


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