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SHE Certified Spotlight: LGBTQIA+ Women Owned & Run Businesses

"According to the most recent data from the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), the LGBTQ[IA]+ business community includes 1.4 million business owners. And by their projections, the NGLCC estimates that LGBTQ[IA]-owned businesses contribute over a trillion dollars to the U.S. economy." (US Small Business Administration, “This Pride Month, the SBA Celebrates the LGBTQ+ Small Business Community.” June 2022). 34% of those 1.4 million business owners are women. (Center for LGBTQ Economic Advancement & Research and Movement Advancement Project, "LGBTQ-Owned Small Businesses in 2021" Report, July 2022).

In honor of June being Pride Month, The SHE Mark is highlighting the LGBTQIA+ women owned & run businesses in our SHE Certified Community so that you can celebrate and support them this month and year round.

SHE Certified Businesses

Logo that says Avocademy with avocado icon around the "o"

Avocademy is an educational platform that helps people change careers into the UX/UI design field through an affordable and short curriculum. Their learn-by-doing approach prepares students to enter the job market with real-world experience and a professional portfolio.

To learn more about Avocademy, read our Get to know... blog post here:

Avocademy is a Certified SHEruns™ , SHEmakes™, and SHEowns™ business.

"cantiq los angeles" logo in black

cantiqLA is a handmade gender and size inclusive lingerie brand based in Los Angeles. Their mission is to make all bodies feel valid through gender affirming lingerie.

Shop and follow cantiqLA at their website here: and here: @cantiq.losangeles.

cantiqLA a Certified SHEruns™, SHEmakes™, and SHEowns™ business.

logo that says "Canal District Wines" in black

Canal District Wines is a shop in Worcester, MA with thoughtfully-curated wines sold by friendly folks in an approachable atmosphere. The mission of Canal District Wines is simple: to strengthen and serve the Canal District community through learning about and enjoying wine.

To learn more about Canal District Wines, visit this link: and watch this SHE Spotlight instagram reel here:

Canal District Wines is a Certified SHEowns™ business.

Logo that says "Equator Coffees" in all capital letters in red

Equator coffees is a queer women owned b-corp that has been roasting coffee in Marin County, CA since 1995. Until 2013 Equator was a wholesale roastery sourcing and providing roasted coffee to restaurants, hotels and bakeries. In 2013 they opened their first company owned cafe. Since then they have expanded to 9 cafes in the Bay Area and LA.


That realization inspired the founders Brooke and Helen to roast and sell coffee themselves from a Marin County garage in 1995. Coffee can be roasted better, brewed better and, most importantly, it can be sourced in a way that makes lives better. That garage became Equator Coffees and marked the beginning of a high-impact coffee company focused on quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

To learn more Equator Coffees and visit a cafe, visit this link:

Equator Coffees is a Certified SHEowns™ business.

logo that says "happypillar" in green with caterpillar above the "p" and "i"

"Parenting made easier."

Happypillar provides evidence-based strategies and support to help you and your child connect and thrive.

Happypillar's mission is to democratize access to evidence-based mental health support and tools using emerging technologies

Learn more about Happypillar's work here:

Happypillar is a Certified SHEowns™ business.

Logo that says "Next Day Animations" with play button on left

Next Day Animations is a one-stop shop of expert animators, voiceover actors, writers, and producers. Their explainer videos are used for everything from video-based learning to corporate internal communication to marketing for small businesses and nonprofits.

To learn more about Next Day Animations, read our Get to know... blog post here: Browse their work here:

Next Day Animations is a Certified SHEruns™ business.

Logo that says "Olive Pit Brewing" in a circle with drawing of profile pitbull dog in center

Olive Pit Brewing is a craft brewery and tasting room in Lisbon, Maine. Their mission as a business is to provide a full spectrum of beers, with a particular focus on the broad representation of less hoppy styles. Their mission as a corporate citizen is to give back in support of animal welfare. They provide space for awareness and fund raising events and will donate a portion of our proceeds each month to various animal causes and rescue groups.

To learn more about Olive Pit Brewing, visit their website here:

Olive Pit Brewing a Certified SHEruns™, SHEmakes™, and SHEowns™ business.

logo that says "Perfectly Pitched" underlined with a rainbow line

Perfectly Pitched supports early stage social entrepreneurs with their branding, marketing, and pitch deck needs. They help you to crystalize your story, develop your pitch, and command the stage so you can unlock your future success.

Perfectly Pitched is dedicated to leveling the playing field for social entrepreneurs from all walks of life, helping them overcome whatever odds are stacked against them and claim their rightful place in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Perfectly Pitched is a Techstars Atlanta portfolio company and are currently developing Ceemo, a fully-automated branding & marketing platform designed to help early stage entrepreneurs tell their stories & unlock their future success. Most of all, Ceemo was created to harness the power of design & storytelling to help shatter the biases that keep less than 10% of venture capital from reaching women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled founders.

If you're an early stage founder, head to to sign up for their new Perfectly Helpful Newsletter to stay up to date with details, launch announcements, and free tips & tricks to help you out in the meantime while Ceemo is getting ready to rocket into the stratosphere!

Learn more about Perfectly Pitched here:

Perfectly Pitched is a Certified SHEruns™ , SHEmakes™, and SHEowns™ business.


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