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SHE VIP Program

What is the SHE VIP Program?

The SHE VIP Program was created to give gender equality champions an opportunity to directly help The SHE Mark grow our SHE Certified Community and to earn money for themselves, their business, or a selected non-profit in the process. We believe gender equality is an everyone issue and that the movement to reach economic gender equality requires participation from everyone. The SHE VIP Program gives those who would like to help contribute and engage in this movement an opportunity to do so, as well as an economic incentive!

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

You can participate in the program as an individual, as a company, or a non-profit organization.

How do I sign up for the program?

Step 1
Show your interest in becoming a SHE VIP.

Fill out our SHE VIP Request Form here:

Step 2
Determine deal terms.

Receive an email from the SHE Team with a Material Terms Sheet for you to fill out and a Long Form Agreement  to review and sign. This is where you'll provide The SHE Mark with information to make a SHE VIP profile and where you will decide to whom and how your earnings will be distributed.

Step 3
It's time to make waves!

Upon receiving the filled out Terms Sheet and signed Agreement, the SHE VIP will get a personal referral code and materials to share with your community, customers, partners, friends, family - whomever you'd like to send our way!

Why should I get involved?

Joining the SHE VIP program will give you an easy way to take action in furtherance of economic gender equality. If you want to kickstart your feminist activism, if you have a great community of women leaders around you, or if you're motivated to make a little extra money for yourself, your business, or your chosen charitable organization - the SHE VIP program is for you!


What being a SHE VIP 
can do for you:

  • ​Actively contribute to growing our movement to reach economic gender parity

  • Earn money for yourself or donate your earnings to a non-profit

  • Join our growing community of gender equality champions


Ready to get involved?
Sign up here to receive more information via email:

Sign up to be a SHE VIP

Have questions you want answered before participating?
Email and the SHE Team will help you out!

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