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Get to know...Qode Space

Updated: Feb 1

Welcome to the next installment of our Get to know... series - where we invite you to learn more about the amazing companies that make up our SHE Certified Community™. This feature highlights Qode Space - a Certified SHEowns™ minority-owned, women-led business that helps businesses build their eCommerce store. We had them answer some questions and tell us more about Qode Space in the interview below!

Link to Qode Space website

Introduce your company!

Qode Space proudly represents a female-owned and led, Web Solutions & Development Agency. In an industry often dominated by men, we shine as a business with a strong emphasis on Quality, Performance, Analytics, and data-driven outcomes. Our core philosophy revolves around fostering a collaborative partnership with our clients, where we wholeheartedly support their ambitions and achievements. We do this by offering expert industry insights, top-notch suggestions, and tailored enhancements aimed at boosting conversions and user loyalty.

What is your mission as a company?

Beyond being a website development company, we're a collective of dedicated, passionate individuals on a mission to make a positive impact on the world. We firmly hold the belief that technology can be a powerful force for good. Our commitment to purpose-driven actions, a focus on excellence for both our team and our projects, and our unwavering support for our community allow us to harness the potential of technology to help our clients succeed, all while maintaining the highest standards and integrity.

Show off your work.

.... and many more!

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Introduce us to your team!

Photo of Carol, the founder of Qode Space, smiling in a white turtleneck sweater
Carol, Co-Founder of Qode Space

I'm Carol, a Taiwanese-Australian woman who moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to discover new opportunities. I started my career in tech as a customer service representative at a digital eCommerce agency, where I worked my way up to an Account Director position. After working there for over 6 years, I became aware of the discrimination and harassment that minority women face in the tech industry. I was determined to be a catalyst for change, so I co-founded Qode Space in 2018.

While Qode Space began with turbulence, I found my partner through despair. I was lucky enough to reconnect with Tasha, a Persian-American mom who has worked in the tech industry as an expert in QA; she understood the assignment and was ready to change how the industry works with me.

Qode Space is a company that's committed to balancing the tech field with more women in leadership roles and elevating minorities who have been underestimated and overlooked due to systematic injustice in education and the workplace. We're also committed to supporting other minority and female-owned businesses. We believe that by working together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable tech industry.

In addition to "Being Purposeful" in who we work with and what we do, I built Qode Space with "Quality" and "Community" as our core values. I want to use my voice, my network, and my experiences to empower other women and minority leaders to achieve their dreams.

Which SHE mark(s) have you been certified for?

We have been Certified SHEowns™!

Link to learn more about SHEowns

Why are you proud to be a women-led company?

It takes immense courage to proudly declare oneself as a woman-owned enterprise. Amidst an industry dominated by male counterparts with years of precedence, ready to witness setbacks and exploit your uncertainties to drive you towards surrender, the weight of relinquishing your identity as a woman-led company becomes evident.

I stand here with a sense of pride and a steadfast commitment to endure. Given our limited representation, the significance of my present actions amplifies. I aspire to make distinctive choices and embrace innovative perspectives that cater to business proprietors who, like me, have navigated the challenges of operating as a woman in a male-dominated leadership sphere.

My intention is to empower those who have long remained voiceless due to their perceived divergence from conventional norms. I endeavor to employ my platform to showcase an alternative approach to web development and marketing, confronting the market with authentic and suitable tones tailored for female entrepreneurs. This stands in stark contrast to the profit-centric, exploitative, and capital-driven strategies that often prevail.

The business realm shouldn't be characterized by ruthless competition, but rather by inclusivity, equity, and the inherent quality that accompanies genuine entrepreneurial pursuits.

What benefits have you experienced being a women led business?

Embracing a woman-owned identity brings forth a remarkable advantage: a sense of community and swift reinforcement through connections with kindred spirits. Those of us operating within the realm of women-owned enterprises are intimately acquainted with the challenges we confront and the systemic biases we contend with, stemming from the prevailing political climate.

As an immigrant and female entrepreneur, I've personally reaped substantial gains from the camaraderie and assistance forged throughout this journey. I'm confident that my commitment to my convictions will continue to foster enduring friendships, enriching my journey further.

In what ways other than gender equity do you think your company is making the world a better place?

At the heart of our ethos lies our Core Value of "Quality excellence, Community building, and Purpose with action." Within this framework, my focus on purposefulness becomes evident as I address the gender disparity prevalent in the tech sector. My deliberate approach involves the recruitment of junior developers and project managers from regions lacking in technical educational opportunities. While these individuals may not entirely meet the stringent prerequisites of their roles, I firmly believe that the power of intention and motivation can bridge the gap. It is my conviction that those who weren't privileged to engage in STEM programs during their formative years deserve the opportunity to gain real-life exposure within the realm of Qode Space.

Envisioning a future with enriched diversity at the helm, we are actively propelling the ascent of female leaders. Our goal is to foster the proliferation of women leaders, igniting a movement that draws in more female coders to fortify the ranks. Through this initiative, we aim to rectify the gender equilibrium within the technology arena. Our aspiration is to witness the emergence of more individuals akin to Reshma Saujani, and to witness a surge in visionary leaders akin to Sheryl Sandberg, who adeptly navigate challenges and exemplify the path forward.

Where can everyone find, work, and connect with Qode Space?

Instagram: @qodespace, @karolz


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