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Get to know...HAPPYBOND

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Welcome to the next installment of our Get to know... series - where we invite you to learn more about the amazing companies that make up our SHE Certified Community™. This feature highlights HAPPYBOND - a 360 degree approach to your dogs health with nutrition products. They use transparency, purpose, and science to enhance your dogs' vitality. We had them answer some questions that give us insight into their business and why they're proud to be women-led. Read the interview below!


Introduce your company!

HAPPYBOND is a pet care company founded by a female biotech scientist.

Our products are intended to improve dogs overall health through science based nutrition. Our first product is HAPPYBOND's patented Collagen+ Supplement, which is designed to strengthen joints, improve mobility, and promote healthy aging in dogs of all ages. Our POWERFOOD is the newest addition to our collection, fresh, human grade, limited ingredients, complete diet and Shelf stable!!! - and it's so good, even the humans can't get enough!

We also have healthy, beneficial treats , Elixirs for pet wellness and a natural, good for the planet grooming line.

We are proud to partner with celebrities such as Halle Berry for our Elixirs and Ziggy Marley for our eco-friendly grooming collection.

What is your mission as a company?

Our mission is to help thousands of dogs across the globe live a happy and comfortable life.

Show off some work or products you're excited about.

Three glass jars of HAPPYBOND dog food on a white background

Powerfood is our own version of a healthy meal for dogs. It is made with real, human-grade ingredients and can be stored for up to 2 years in the pantry without adding any preservatives thanks to new patent-pending technology.

Which SHE mark(s) have you been certified for?

Certified SHEowns rectangular mark logo

We have been Certified SHEruns™, SHEmakes,™ and SHEowns™!

Why are you proud to be a women-led company?

We are proud to be a women-led company because we believe that women are just as capable as men of being leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators.

We also believe that a company led by women is better equipped to understand and serve the needs of both the company and other women. We were able to create a culture where being a female or being part of the LGBTQ+ community is not just something that's assumed—it's celebrated!

What benefits have you experienced being a women-led company?

We can connect to our customers on a deeper level. With this, we are able to determine their needs and understand their pain.

In what ways other than gender equity do you think your company is making the world a better place?

One is that we ensure that our products, from the ingredients to the packaging, are environmentally friendly. Another is our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are proud that we have employees from different parts of the world who bring different perspectives and contributions to the company.

Anja, Founder of HAPPYBOND at a desk in front of a laptop
Anja, Founder of HAPPYBOND
"We believe that a company led by women is better equipped to understand and serve the needs of both the company and other women."

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Our super delicious POWERFOOD is now open for pre-order on our website.

Where can everyone find and connect with HAPPYBOND?

Instagram: @happybondpet

Facebook: @happybondpet

YouTube: happybond


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