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New SHE Mark Swag Store!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We are beyond excited to share our latest release with you all!

Collections of print-on-demand swag items that let you showcase your values and join our movement to make gender equality an everyone issue.

What’s In the Swag Store

We are thrilled to offer you clothing, accessories, drinkware, home goods, and more featuring The SHE Mark brand and slogans. If you’ve been following our movement and waiting for a way to support it, or if your company got certified and you want a way to share that excitement outside of work, or if you just plain think the designs look cool, check out all we have to offer at!

A black long sleeve tee that reads "gender equality in an everyone issue," a khaki dad hat with The SHE Mark logo, and a white mug that reads "prosperity through equality."

Select items shown above. To shop the full collection, click the button above.

Limited-Run Collaborations

We’re not just launching one collection of The SHE Mark swag on our store, we’re also partnering with digital designers and artists to create custom collections exclusively for The SHE Mark.

We’re launching this collaboration with designs made especially for The SHE Mark by Twentysome Design*! Our first collaboration collection feature’s Twentysome Design's signature style with The SHE Mark's signature phrases on a selection of everyday items, such as vintage hats, iron-on-patches, baby onesies, and more! You can find these fun and limited-edition swag items here on The SHE Mark Swag Store.

*Twentysome Design is a Certified SHEmakes™ and SHEowns™ company.

A white long sleeve tee that reads "buy from women, hire women, promote women, elect women, support women," a white mug that reads "we rise together," and a grey baby onesie that reads "the future is feminist."

Select items shown above. To shop the full collection, click the button above.

In addition to the Twentysome Design's creations on our Swag Store, we’ve also partnered with them to launch an exclusive The SHE Mark collection line of greeting cards and stickers on their store, as well! If you’re looking to celebrate your friends, family, or work colleagues with a card or a sticker, navigate here to buy directly from Twentysome Design.

A card that reads "World's Best Girl Dad," a sticker that reads "feminists have more fun," and another card that reads "I love watching you rise, congrats on your promotion."

Select items shown above. To shop the full collection, click the button above.

Sustainable Swag

As with everything we do here at The SHE Mark, it was very important to us that we took our core value of sustainability into consideration when designing the Swag Store. Every detail was considered - from avoiding the creation of excess waste, to selecting eco-conscious materials and suppliers, and offsetting carbon emissions from shipping. We even did our very best to keep everything in our store sustainable, yet affordable.

Print on Demand

All of our swag is made to order*, which means that the items you order aren’t printed until you purchase them. We chose this route (via Printful) so as to not hold onto any inventory or generate any unnecessary waste! Because everything is made to order, it also means that items purchased through The SHE Mark’s Shopify page are not returnable. You can learn more about our return policy, here.

*With the exception of the items from The SHE Mark Collection offered on Twentysome Design's website


Dropshipping means that we at The SHE Mark do not store or fulfill any orders placed through our Shopify store. All orders placed are produced and shipped through Printful and their warehouses. As a result, your items may come in separate packages from different fulfillment centers around the world (don't worry, shipping costs will still be one price for the full order). It also means that it may take a bit longer for you to get your items.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Due to negative impact of shipping on the climate, we have partnered with Planet to issue carbon offsets with every order purchased. Planet enables us to automatically calculate your order’s shipping emissions - based on your order’s shipping distance, weight, and modes of shipment - so we can use carbon credits to remove those emissions from the atmosphere and neutralize our shipping footprint.

A clear phone case with a colorized SHE logo repeated in a pattern, and a white dad hat with the phrase "gender equality means business."

Stay In the Know!

If you want to keep an eye on our Swag Store releases, access exclusive SHEmail discounts, and be the first to hear about new limited-run swag collaborations the moment they launch, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

What’s your favorite item on our store? Tell us in the comments of our Instagram post: @theSHEmark! (and don’t forget to follow us, too!)

A grey hoodie that reads "prosperity through equality," and a black tote that reads "gender equality is an everyone issue."


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