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Welcome to our blog!

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Thank you for coming to our blog! We are looking forward to filling this section of our website with information all about the world we are creating at The SHE Mark. As a new company that is fulfilling a need you might not know you have, we have a lot of room for explaining and highlighting so that you can better understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. Although what we do may appear complicated on the surface, we have done our best to make it as easy and straightforward to understand as possible. We are confident our pending blog posts will answer your questions and fill in the gaps. It will also introduce you to the wonderful companies that make up our SHE Certified Community.

The blog will focus on 6 main categories that cover every aspect of our business. They are: SHE Certified Community™, Who is SHE?, Conscious Capitalism, SHE Certification, SHE Glossary™, and SHEro Series. If you have been following us from the beginning, you might be familiar with some; while others are new to everyone. We have included descriptions of each category below.

We found that posting on social media was more suitable for condensed versions of what we wanted to discuss, so this blog will be a bit of a deeper dive with the intention to educate and inspire action.

The SHE Mark is on a mission to make gender equality an everyone issue, and assist in the growth of businesses that prioritizes equal or more representation of women and/or gender diverse people in varying aspects of the workplace. As the most diverse and inclusive gender-focused certification marks on the market, it is of the utmost importance to us that our work and words speak to and represent all identities, perspectives, races, genders, ages, and abilities. In accordance with our JEDI and Accessibility Commitments, we are committed to ensuring this blog is intersectional and accessible.

Keep reading to get insight into what we'll be posting about and covering...

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SHE Certified Community™

The SHE Certified Community™ is the most important category on our blog, because our SHE Certified companies are the heart and backbone of our business. This section will feature interviews with founders and/or employees of certified businesses, highlights of certified companies and their products and/or services, and updates from the SHE Certified companies in our community.

Who is SHE?

In this category, we will be diving deep into The SHE Mark: what we do, how we do it, and why what we do matters. It's here we'll post information like how our founder, Sterling, came up with the idea for the SHE marks, and how and why we landed on our mark designs. You can also keep an eye out her for posts about our values and updates on how we actualise them.

Conscious Capitalism

This is a subject that we care deeply about at The SHE Mark. Not only do we believe that conscious capitalism is the future of business, we also believe that it is the only way to have a sustainable future for all. In this category, we'll be discussing topics and hosting events related to social impact business and marketing, and future of work policies and practices (e.g. 4 day workweek), as well as other topics related to placing people and planet on par with profit.

SHE Certification

This category is for all of the businesses that are curious about getting certified, and would like more information about the process. We'll cover the basics, like objective standards and required materials needed to apply, and will post updates as the application and certification process evolves over time. Rest assured, we have made the certification process as straightforward and efficient as possible.

SHE Glossary™

If you have been following us since we launched, you have likely been introduced to our SHE Glossary™ terms. These terms start out simple enough and build with increased complexity. On our blog, we will be exploring our SHE Glossary™ terms in deeper context and meaning then we have on our previous social media posts. If you have a recommendation for a glossary term, feel free to reach out on a social platform (@theSHEmark) or send an email to

SHEro Series

Our SHEroes are people, past and present, that have had an impact on or have inspired the gender equality movement. We have explored 6 SHEroes so far and intend on re-posting more in-depth profiles on them, as well as features on many new ground-breaking individuals. If you have a recommendation for a SHEro, feel free to reach out on a social platform (@theSHEmark) or send an email to


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