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SHE Certified Spotlight: Disability-Owned & Run Businesses

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

As the nation's largest minority — comprising almost 50 million individuals — people with disabilities contribute to diversity, and businesses can enhance their competitive edge by taking steps to ensure they are integrated into their workforce and customer base (U.S. Department of Labor, “Diverse Perspectives: People with Disabilities Fulfilling Your Business Goals.”). A significant portion (74%) of people with disabilities are outside the labor force, totaling more than 1.8 million business owners with disabilities in the United States. "For multiple reasons, individuals with disabilities continue to turn to self-employment and small business development as a viable alternative that provides greater control, choice and flexibility in terms of work schedule, environment and economic advancement." (National Disability Institute, “Small Business Ownership by People with Disabilities: Challenges and Opportunities.” April 2022).

In honor of July being Disability Pride Month, The SHE Mark is highlighting the disability-owned & run businesses in our SHE Certified Community so that you can celebrate and support them this month and year round.

SHE Certified Businesses

Logo that says Diversability in navy blue

Diversability® is an award-winning community business to elevate disability pride through disability community, visibility, and engaged allyship. They are called Diversability because they believe that disability is diversity and that disability is diverse. They are proud of their disabled identity and reiterate that “disability” is not a bad word.

Diversability® has grown its digital ecosystem to over 60,000, hosted over 100 events to move the conversation forward in disability inclusion, and honored 30 disabled leaders annually through the D-30 Disability Impact List. Two years ago, they launched the Diversability Leadership Collective, a members-only space to advance disability leadership and advocacy.

Read more about Diversability and their founder, Tiffany Yu, here: Diversability was also featured in our Asian Women Owned & Run Businesses blog post.

Diversability is a Certified SHEruns™, SHEmakes™, and SHEowns™ business.

Logo that says "Girls Chronically Rock" with a pink illustrated woman doing a bicep curl

Girls Chronically Rock is a clothing brand to help inspire and motivate others in the disability community. The company's mission is to create, motivate, encourage, inspire and let people know that you rock and can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Girls Chronically Rock is on a mission to let people know that even chronic illness cannot stop them. You can be chronically ill and awesome. It is not enough to say this to people. We have to get them to feel amazing. Achieving that in the disability community involves understanding their peculiarities, their needs, their challenges, and their worries. Being a member of the community herself and someone living with chronic illness, Keisha Greaves, founder of Girls Chronically Rock understands that much of this has to do with getting dressed with ease each day.

With the Girls Chronically Rock Adaptive Project, Keisha aims to make men and women with disability feel more confident. Through clothing specially made for them, they would understand that they rock but beyond that they would feel that awesomeness because now they do not have to worry about appearing different in the larger society. The Girls Chronically Rock Adaptive fashion line would make adaptive clothing more accessible and popular in mainstream fashion. Learn more here:

Read more about Girls Chronically Rock and their founder, Keisha Graves, here:

Girls Chronically Rock was also featured in our Black Woman Owned Businesses blog post.

Girls Chronically Rock is a Certified SHEruns™, SHEmakes™, and SHEowns™ business.

logo that says "happypillar" in line green with an illustrated caterpillar over the p and i

"Parenting made easier."

Happypillar provides evidence-based strategies and support to help you and your child connect and thrive.

Happypillar's mission is to democratize access to evidence-based mental health support and tools using emerging technologies

Learn more about Happypillar's work here: Happypillar was also featured in our LGBTQIA+ Women Owned & Run Businesses blog post.

Happypillar is a Certified SHEowns™ business.

Logo that says "MabelyQ" and "Making Business Successible" underneath it

Mabely Q provides bias-challenging, norm-breaking approaches to accessibility tailored to each business, helping them build more inclusive experiences, optimize operations and increase their bottom line. We revolutionize accessibility in empowering businesses to create inclusive cultures that recognize diversity and foster an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

Learn more about Mabely Q's work here, including their new "Successible" programming, a membership for socially conscious businesses who are ready to get - and stay - accessible:

Mabely Q is a Certified SHEowns™ business.


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